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Two digital oscillators that add dozens of
synthesis techniques to your Buchla system.

Based on Braids by Mutable Instruments, the DAO includes two independent digital oscillators, easily calibrated for your choice of 1V/octave or 1.2V/octave pitch tracking. Each section offers nearly 50 synthesis algorithms, spanning everything from vintage waveforms and digital FM to physical modeling and formant synthesis. Internal VCAs and envelopes make this a compact but powerful voice module that can be integrated into any Buchla-format system.

The 1979 DAO is a Buchla format conversion of the iconic Mutable Instruments Braids, a complex oscillator with a wide vocabulary of synthesis algorithms.


Dubbed as a Dual Algorithmic Oscillator, DAO is a flexible, dual monophonic sound source with a variety of CV controllable parameters and a complex tonal palette.


DAO includes seven different synthesis algorithms, from analogue, digital, vocal, FM, simultaneous, wavetables and noise synthesis modes. 


Each synthesis mode provides a completely unique set of sound shaping controls for controlling the parameters of the sound, each of which can be externally controlled by a modulation source.


A super high quality, inspiring sound source for Buchla modular systems. The DOA is one oscillator that no modular system should be without.


The main features of the 1979 DAO include:


  • Dual complex digital oscillator
  • Provides seven different synthesis styles
  • Includes powerful wavetable synthesis modes
  • Each parameter can be CV controlled
  • 1 unit wide


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